Is there a limit for MP3 (Audio) files?

We have no limit to audio files, no matter what sound quality you download.

Is there a limit for MP4 (Video) files?

Some videos may be limited, so we advise you to download MP4 files up to 3 hours, after this limit we are not responsible if something did not work.

Is this service free?

Our MP3/MP4 file download service is completely free, safe and without download limits.

Can I save files on mobile devices as well?

Our service is compatible with all mobile devices. If you use a iPhone device, please note that Apple does not allow you to download MP3 files, you need an additional application such as "Documents by Readdle" which you can find it in Apple Apps, then you can save MP3 files to the iPhone.

I get an error when I try to download something

If you encounter problems when trying to download, there may be a problem with the server, try again later, if the problem persists, please check our News page or Contact us.

I downloaded a song without sound

If you downloaded a song without sound, it means that the song infringes copyright, so you can't listen it. Do not download copyrighted material without permission.

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